Honda CBR600

Front Wheel and Rotor Differences Between the CBR600F4 and CBR600F4i

The front wheel, rotors and spacers are different between the CBR600F4 and the CBR600F4i.

These are my observations of the two.

1999 Honda CBR600F4 Front Wheel

2002 Honda CBR600F4i Front Wheel

The inner part of the rotor fits flush with the hub of the wheel.

The inner part of the rotors exposes 1" of the wheel from outside the axel hub.

The axel hub is recessed from the plane of the rotors.

The axel hub is ¼" above the plane of the rotors.

The rotor bolts are 3¼" on center apart.

The rotor bolts are 4½" on center apart.

The triangular holes, 7 small & 7 large, in the inner part of the rotor make it look like a star.

The inner part of the rotor has 7 cylindrical holes.

F4 Front Wheel, Side
F4i Front Rotor, Side
F4 Front Wheel, Edge
F4i Front Wheel, Edge
F4 Front Wheel
F4i Front Wheel, Edge

"The front wheel was widened at the hub to improve front end feel, particularly under braking. As the hub grew, it moved the brake rotors out with it. This moved them closer to the calipers which, in turn, meant that the rotors needed less offset. The fork spacing is identical to last year so to accommodate the wider wheel the fork spacers were narrowed." - First Ride: 2001 Honda CBR600Fi by Mike Ross


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